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£15.99 Paperback

ThetaHealing®, published in 2010, is the UK Hay House version of the compilation of Vianna Stibal's books, Go Up and Seek God and Go Up and Work with God, updated with additional class transcripts and new information and experiences. This book is a wonderful introduction to the ThetaHealing® technique; the concepts behind it; and Vianna's experiences and learnings that have led to the ongoing development of this amazing modality.  The book contains step by step instructions for the basic ThetaHealing® techniques.





Advanced ThetaHealing®

£13.99 Paperback

Advanced ThetaHealing®, published in 2009, is the follow-on book from ThetaHealing®.  Aimed at those who have mastered the basics of ThetaHealing®, this book contains many downloads, exercises and information designed to improve both your daily life and your ThetaHealing® skills.

Disease and Disorder Book


The ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorder book provides you with an in-depth understanding of releasing disease from an intuitive perspective. In this book Vianna shares the knowledge she has gained from over 47,000 sessions - detailing the programs, belief systems, intuitive insights, remedies, and supplements that she has found to be of value as they pertain to certain diseases and disorders.


Manifesting and Abundance CD


This ThetaHealing® Abundance Meditation CD is designed as a method to bring abundance into reality. The CD contains meditation tracks that will guide you to the 7th Plane of Existence and show you how to manifest in your life using the ThetaHealing® Manifestation technique.


Books and CD's By ThetaHealing® Teachers


A Year of Practicing ThetaHealing®


A Year of Practicing ThetaHealing®, by Terry O’Connell, is designed for use either as a self-study book or for focused group work.  The book contains 50 suggested topics for practicing ThetaHealing®, complete with exercises, teachings, and notes for discussion.  It also contains detailed information on ways to set up and lead a group to practice ThetaHealing® with other Practitioners; as well as how to work through the exercises for your own self-study.